The lightweight and compact Android App GpsTicker2 combines online and offline navigation for hikers and cyclists. Offline route calculation is possible for all federal states of Germany and many other regions. Online route calculation uses Google Navigation services, it can be done at home with available internet connection, saved routes and pois can be used outdoor without mobile network. GpsTicker2 makes use of the mapsforge offline vector maps. MapsForge functions are pretty memory hungry. Therefore “out of memory” exception occurs from time to time with android versions up to 2.3 or devices with very large screens (for example Galaxy Note with 1.280 x 720 pixels).
Maps can be easily downloaded with the integrated download manager. Usage of GpsTicker is limited, after 14 days the menus for pois and routes are no more available and need paid unlock.

GpsTicker2 is free of advertisement (AdMob).




(*)  Internet access required

  • Maps download manager
  • Import/export routes as Google Earth KML- and GPX-files.
  • Offline route calculation for all states of germany
  • Maps with navigation data for offline route calculation are available at google play for these regions:
  • Online route calculation by google navigation
  • Display of GPS data integrated into the map view
  • Search for hotels, restaurants and other pois (*)
    (Please get your own Google Api Key here)
  • Map render themes switcher
  • Search for addresses (*)
  • Reverse geocoder (*)
  • Charts for elevation and velocity
  • Display weather conditions
  • Take pictures, show fotos in mapview
  • Replay route
  • Logbook
  • Low battery consumption

Besides the menus there are some touch sensitive items in the map and in the GPS data bar. The GPS data bar becomes visible, when GPS is started.

  • Tap on a poi icon opens the poi menu (set home position, navigate to home, set destination, navigate to destination, elevation data)
  • Route destination is set with long press on poi
  • Tap on a route icon opens a menu with functions, which can be applied to the route: Details, Simplification, Color, Save, Remove, Elevation data, Display step by step, Replay
  • Tap on gps location icon, opens a view with altitude and velocity charts
  • Tap on the veloctiy item in the GPS data bar, opens a view with a velocity chart
  • Tap on the altitude item in the GPS data bar, opens a dialog with s altitude chart and a button to launch GPS altitude calibration, calibration needs Internet access
  • Tap on the location item in the GPS data bar launches the reverse geocoder (only with INet)
  • The button on the right of the GPS data bar, is a toggle for the backlight dimmer


After installation online maps are used by default. Standard offlne maps can be easily downloaded with the integrated download manager. Maps with contourlines are available on OpenAndroMaps. They can be downloaded with browser and be activated in maps menu after copying to folder gpsticker_maps. Contour lines are displayed only, if suitable render themes are used. Render themes can be downloaded and activated from maps menu.
For a first test with offline maps, a low detail world map with small size (1.4 MB) can be downloaded. It contains only major highways, coastlines and country borders.
More Informations about the mapsforge project are available here: